Kolossos Printing: Celebrating 50 years of commercial printing and copying in Ann Arbor

To send us your file for printing, click on the "Place Order / Send A File" button in the gray bar above this text. PDF is the preferred format, but we take many other file types as well. If you don't already have software to make a PDF you may install our PDF JobReady application by clicking on the large gray area above. The PDF JobReady program will put a "Send to Kolossos" choice in your computer's print dialog. Using this print option will make a PDF that you get to review for approval before it is sent to Kolossos. Please give us a call when you have sent a file so that we may confirm your order. JobReady files come in to our Stadium Blvd. location, but you may request for them to be forwarded to one of our other stores.

2055 W. Stadium store • Phone (734) 994-5400 • Fax: 994-4329 • Email: info@kolossosprinting.com

301 E. Liberty store • Phone (734) 741-1600 • Fax: 998-3662 • Email: copycenter@kolossosprinting.com


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